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    Thanks for the suggestion Jessica. We’ve got a few other suggestions on the site that are similar with scientific notation, etc. We’ll take a look at this area, and pay special attention to any cases that get a lot of votes. So please keep the votes coming to help us do a good job at prioritizing asks like this!

    John [MS XL]

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    Anonymous commented  · 

    Microsoft can fix the issue, they just choose not to. Basically there are two groups of people. Us professionals who work with data for a living who see 1-1 as just that, 1-1 AND people who do not work with data for a living but find it helpful to have Microsoft think for them. They see 1-1 as.."hey I think this person is trying to enter a date, let me change the data for them because they are too lazy to finish entering two more numbers themselves. Microsoft has chosen to side with non-data users and automatically alter thousands of your clients records without telling you. I have seen people lose their jobs over this incredibly irresponsible decision. Is it really worth people hating your product because you cant simply add an option to turn this off Microsoft? At no point should a software EVER alter ones source data. 1-1 is not 1/1/2020 (or whatever year this post is read at in the future)
    1-1 changed to 1-1-2020 = someone is going to lose their job if they aren't paying attention.

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    User enters 1-2

    Microsoft...oh he meant to enter 1-2-2020. I'll just pull a year out of thin air and change thousands and thousands of his data points because I know his data better than he does. Then I'll make it so that he can't fix it back to what was actually entered. Clients just love databases full of altered data.

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