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    Great suggestion – thanks again for taking the time to put it on this site and for the thoughtful followup comments. This is pretty related to some other work we’ve got going and already has a fair number of votes, so we’ll work on getting plans in place now and hope to get started on this soon.

    John [MS XL]

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    Anonymous commented  · 

    I wonder...

    Excel user since Excel 1.4 for mac, (yes, this was a while ago, Windows did not exist yet), over 5 years ago, I suggested that the Excel developers should add to Excel a null function to permit avoiding to accumulate lines or rows of zeroes whenever we, simple minds, create a calculation result in a line or column and want this calculation result to only appear if the line (or column) to which my cell belongs is, filled in.

    This should be easy to do in Excel. It is, in other languages.

    But me no buts, no more buts. Indeed, I see instead a bunch of butting "experts" making silly suggestions, which have all in common of only working in the specific example these "experts" show as if their suggestion was universal (which it never is. Never has been, never is, never will be).

    Experts who desire to tell us how to live without a null fonction, please shut up !

    Microsoft, please stop procrastinating. Please give us a null function.

    Chaminou ze Khrompire

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