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    Michael commented  · 

    I have an idea to extend the good 'colour-coded' idea above. 'Recent files' is a very important workflow/efficiency issue that should not be underestimated. I am a power user of Excel in the insurance industry, dealing with many huge and very complex spreadsheets within the day and week (and dealing with many work interruptions). I could easily be opening 50-100 spreadsheets in a day. Being able to quickly remember/identify/open the files I was last working on (from Excel) is very important. The number of 'recent files' available is often inadequate for my needs.

    I would recommend that the Recent files interface allow multiple tabs (up to 10 say) to be created and labelled by the user (e.g. to describe a project, task or date). Each spreadsheet worked on would have have user tag data (not spreadsheet data) to categorise according to the particular user's needs (which could be different to another user of the same spreadsheet). Then can have 50 recent files for project XYZ, 50 recent files for project ABC, 50 recent files for September and so on. Also many recent files are just version numbers (which for me can easily get up to 100+) of the same spreadsheet being developed/. If there was some Excel-agreed naming convention (e.g. *_v1.xlm, *_v2.xlm, ..., *_v99.xlm), then Recent Files could then 'collapse' these and only show say the last few such files.

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