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    Thank you for voting for “there’s a problem with the clipboard” issue. I think this refers to this error dialog: “There’s a problem with the clipboard, but you can still paste your content within this workbook."

    When Excel shows this dialog after a copy (CTRL+C) action, it means that another app has a lock on the system clipboard. In this situation you can still paste within Excel. However you cannot paste to another app like Word or Outlook which uses the clipboard.

    A while ago we made some improvements for Office365 users so that this error message only shows once per Excel instance. This was based on customer feedback – the design change prevents it popping up multiple successive times when the clipboard is locked. We have also considered never showing the error dialog, but there was user feedback that this message is informative and helpful in some cases.

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    I concur with what everyone is saying here and elsewhere. Fix the **** problem, Microsoft. I tried the "disable live preview" trick and the stupid error still pops up on 70 to 80% of my copy and paste operations. I have literally lost at least an hour in lost productivity to this error just in the one spreadsheet I'm working on over the course of the last day and a half.

    Oh, and the message posted in the forum that was locked on this topic is bs as well. The error does not just pop up once per Excel instance and then go away. As I noted above, it shows up on 70-80% of my copy/paste operations.

    Here's a simple fix...and I don't know why the software developers at Microsoft can't come up with this on their own. If you want to hold to your bs line about some users finding it useful and therefore needing to keep the stupid error in the program, how about adding a little check box to allow the user to say "Never show this error message again". Problem solved!

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