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    Darwilliamsfan commented  · 

    I wanted to thank Stephen for the tip about sending feedback - I would never have thought of looking there. One of the chat guys did tell me to try in-app support but he was telling me to go through the normal help, and that just frustrated me because if you put in something like “report a problem” it brings up topics about Excel reports so it’s really hard to find the actual reporting area

    The chat process was fairly illuminating. the second guy told me that I wasn’t actually in the right area because I had been directed to desktop support (even though my search term was something like “excel crashing on iPad”) However, of the three reps I talked to he was by far the most helpful – it even sounded like he might try to forward the problem to the developers, as well as a couple of other things I mentioned like the fact that in the Microsoft chat window if you press the return key it sends the message instead of starting a new paragraph.

    I’m just frustrated with how difficult it is to get help or report problems – while I am happy to have finally found this site, I didn’t get here by going through the help, I finally googled it and found something on a blog.

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    Darwilliamsfan commented  · 

    The three highlights of the support experience:
    1. Painstakingly navigating through their product support options and finally clicking a chat link only to go to a 404 page
    2. Being disconnected from the chat while I was still typing my response because I took longer than a couple of minutes to do so
    3. Being told by the support rep that I should report this to Apple because it’s an Apple problem due to the iOS upgrade. (I did actually talk to Apple, and they were as helpful as they could be, but it still obviously an app problem because other apps work)

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    Darwilliamsfan commented  · 

    I’m having the same problem, although I would recommend that whoever posted this originally change the description to “fix broken microphone dictation” because it doesn’t work at all. Also, does anybody have a good link for submitting feedback about the Microsoft support process itself? I have spent a couple of hours trying to report this issue and have been very disappointed in how difficult it is.

    Darwilliamsfan supported this idea  · 

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