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    Ashvini Sharma
    Lead Program Manager

    Anonymous commented  · 

    Give up folks! After 752 votes from 2016 and only one response from Microsoft 18 months ago it isn't going to happen. Find the best workaround that you can. Horton hears a Who... Microsoft hears nothing.
    In comparison, I employ the services of a software company in St Petersburg that respond to every email, rectify bugs and actually listen and act to customer requests immediately. Different world... the real world. Sad that Microsoft can't use the same philosophy, no matter how big and how much control they perceive to have.

    Anonymous supported this idea  · 
    Anonymous commented  · 

    Microsoft.... please listen, respond and react. It will be your downfall if you don't. Many others have and are waiting to take your place. 3 years without a response or resolution to this issue is totally unacceptable. Resting on laurels and assuming blind adherence to your products is no longer a viable business model - you will only encourage your customers to seek alternative solutions. Wake up quickly, or die painfully.

    Anonymous commented  · 

    It's difficult to understand why such a basic functional requirement hasn't been addressed yet. My application is similar to many previously mentioned here - it's a glaringly obvious omission that would benefit most if not all users. Resolution required urgently please!

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