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    313 comments  ·  Excel for Mac » Formulas and Functions  ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

    Update – thanks for the continued support of this feature. We’ll keep this request open for voting, but we’ll need to consider modifying the behavior slightly if it is to be brought back. For this suggestion, we would want to enable such behavior on both Mac and Windows, but we would need to do it in a way that does not cause problems for people who don’t want this behavior. For example, it may be that you would type =, then hold the CMD key as you click the cells to be added. Or perhaps you would need to enable a preference to get the old behavior. Please comment on these options or offer other ideas.

    We’ve been working to make Excel more consistent between Mac and Windows, as can be seen by the updates over the past several months, which have satisfied several thousand votes on this forum (multi-thread…

    Anonymous commented  · 

    Looks like MS is not listening at all.
    What puzzles me is that anybody considered this not a worthwhile user-friendly feature.
    Plus, Mac users and PC users all know how to run their versions (and have for years), no problem any place.
    If anything this feature should be added to windows version if it didn't exist there.

    Anonymous commented  · 

    Just updated to 16.16.5 not fixed and not in any preferences option.

    Anonymous commented  · 

    Frustrating non action by Microsoft and a downright dumb excuse by Steve K., who probably stopped reading this or has no pull at Microsoft.
    Maybe already fired.
    NOBODY EVER requested that this feature be removed. If that is stated it is a LIE!
    People who used it just would and users who didn't just didn't.(Or, may not have known about the convenience)
    Certainly no compelling reason to remove it.
    Back to 2011for me also, no updates or security risk is accepted.

    Anonymous commented  · 

    We are now in September, i.e. almost 6 month without any action or comment from Microsoft.
    IF it is true that there were users having an issue with this function making things easy, I'd like to ask why.
    The minimum change that should be made is to allow it as a preference.
    That way users who do not like this feature (Yeah right, not holding my breath for getting ONE good reason) can leave things as they are, but the users who use it can at least get it back.
    As for making things uniform on Mac and Windows, not a big deal . We lived with differences all along and survived!

    Anonymous commented  · 

    3 years of a thread and nothing being done about a feature that is basic and saves a lot of clicks.
    I really want to meet the person who wanted this removed AND get a reason why this would be an advantage (Or is a disadvantage)
    That person does NOT exist!

    Anonymous commented  · 

    This has nothing to do with Mac of Windows or making them similar.
    Imagine my frustration when the simplest use of summing numbers in a spreadsheet for umpteen years! was removed.
    There is NO WAY that anybody asked for this to be removed or complained about it.
    For now after the equal sign one can add by typing + after the number (or minus to subtract)
    Bring back simplicity please. Any unnecessary clicks to get something done is wasted time.

    Anonymous supported this idea  · 

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