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    Thanks for logging this great suggestion, Zack, and to others for voting it up. We’ll prioritize this according to the number of votes, so if there’s more interest, please make sure to register your vote!


    Ashvini Sharma
    Lead Program Manager

    John Pequeno commented  · 

    This feature is greatly needed. Without it I have to leave entire sheets unprotected in complex application / table based docs, which could allow for corruption of the entire excel if a user enters the wrong thing or clears a formula. The primary excel I'm working with has 4 types of users, basic (staff), intermediate (managers), advanced (HR), and admin (programming). Because of this, I have to use a few layers of permissions, both worksheet and workbook. I can almost accomplish my entire needs with excel as is, but this one issue doesn't allow me to properly limit the permissions of HR users which are able to edit some source table data on hidden tabs, but which should not be able to edit some of the formulas and structure of tables. I hope this gets corrected some time soon. As a sidenote, in addition to the recommendations given in comments below, once this is hopefully fixed, you should also allow Tabbing on a protected sheet table, so you can enter in a new record, and tab through the fields in the table record you are entering.

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