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    UPDATE: The improved scrolling experience, which we call “Smooth scrolling”, is now available to a randomly selected 50% of Insiders who are using Excel build 16.0.14329 or greater. If you don’t see any difference, it means you’re not one of the lucky 50% of Insiders who have it enabled on their computer. Don’t worry, we’ll enable it more broadly soon.

    Good news! We’ve started working on this suggestion. You’ll be able to stop scrolling partway through the row or column. The sheet will no longer need to snap to the top and left edge of the cells. Thanks again for all your support and patience for this long awaited improvement.

    It’s available to Office Insiders first. Here’s how you can join –

    Thanks – Steve [Microsoft Excel]

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    Scott commented  · 

    It is finally in planning phase! I never thought I would live to see the day. Seriously though... please make sure it is easy to toggle between the two (smooth and snap), or otherwise configure in the options. Smooth should be the default for mouse scroll wheel, middle mouse button click and drag, scroll bar, etc. Snap is default for arrow keys.

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    Scott commented  · 

    Some day we will tell our grandkids of how we tirelessly battled the ferocious cell snapping dragon, awaiting King Patterson to hear the cries of his people and send the knights of code to deliver the fatal strike.

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    Scott commented  · 

    Hello. I'm Scott. I've been hooked on Excel since my childhood. First my schools pushed it on me. Now my employer. I don't think I have the strength to fight the addiction.

    I feel like this excel feedback site is nothing more than MS's way to laugh at its customers. Five years and still no solution that should be solved in a day... max. At least seeing new posts in my inbox with users venting their frustration makes me feel like I'm part of a support group.

    Scott supported this idea  · 

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