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    Hey folks,

    I am not seeing new recent activity in this space. It is possible you are seeing this less due to our on-going performance investments including in speeding up our grid rendering. Details on latest speedups are at

    That said, if you still are experiencing this please provide specifics on your configuration and monitors… better still please send feedback about the problem from within Excel (go to Help > Feedback), which will include some diagnostics to aid our investigation.


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    Anonymous commented  · 

    this is the fix....right click and open the folder where the excel program is.
    right click on the exe and properties
    click on compatibility
    click on change the high DPI setting
    click on Orverride high DPI Scaling behavior; ok
    then reboot your pc

    this will solve alot of problems with many programs that work in tandem with Excel.
    Microsoft and many others have not caught up to the new technology.
    it may take 5 more years before they rewrite to accommodate.
    But the above fix will make a world of difference.

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    Anonymous commented  · 

    Specifically you need to make sure you have USB c 3 cables of High speed HDMI cables between your laptop and monitors...then make sure you are on the latest release of Office 365.. and don't try to use a Surface laptop with the large monitors...then you will see there will not be a real problem. I had to get rid of my Surface laptop, went back to Toshiba with the USB C 3 thunderbolt cables no more than 4 ft, to the port replicator, High Speed HDMI cables from the replicator to the 2-35" monitors. it works fine. It seems to have to do with the ability of the connectors and cables to support the displays with Windows.

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    Anonymous commented  · 

    using the 64 bit version of Office 365 helped alot! There are just so many bugs if you are using microsoft laptop with microsoft windows with microsoft office-anything. I was using a surface book. I finally gave up on the whole thing and bought a Toshiba laptop. Since then, no issues (and I'm on the 32 bit version of office 365.) I believe it has to do with the extremely high resolution in the surface book itself. everything is so micro small you can barely see it - so you get big wide monitors and the OS and Office can't deal. Since changing to the Toshiba Portege x30E with Windows 10 and office 365 (Outlook and Excel) both work so much better.

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    Anonymous commented  · 

    I really think it is a Microsoft thing. I have a surface book. am ordering a Toshiba now since MS has not felt the need to fix all the display issues. I can't even put a snipping tool object in an email without outlook freaking out causing me to have to reboot my computer. These issues may actually cause me to want a Mac and I would never ever have said that before. Excel has constant issues, Outlook has constant issues - it's really hard to get real work done.

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    Anonymous commented  · 

    Thank you Meelika - Modifying the excel.exe.manifest in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office16" location solved this issue. The change that was made was:
    <dpiAware>true</dpiAware> to <dpiAware>false</dpiAware>
    on line 27 of the file.

    this worked! I had a hard time finding this file and then it won't let you change it in the Office16 folder so I had to copy it into a mydocuments folder, make the change, then copy it back. But it worked! You have no Idea how this has made my day!

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    Anonymous commented  · 

    and Microsoft - this says I'm Anonymous - but I'll give my email if you want to use me as a test to fix this mess...I use excel constantly and this drives me crazy.

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    Anonymous commented  · 

    This is a real Microsoft Bug. I tried changing out the port replicator in the event that was the problem, changing out the HDMI cables (2.0), changing out the HDMI 2.0 Adapters, jacking with the manifest, the magnifier is turned off. The Surface Book is 64 bit - Office 365 latest everything. it's a real bug. Microsoft needs to fix this before I go backwards to an older laptop and software, I didn't have this problem with my old laptop and the new HDMI curved wide screen monitors. Only since windows 10 and office 365 on my new surfacebook. #windows10sucks #fixExcelHDBug #HELPusPleaseMicrosoft #dontGotoWinows10Yet

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