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    Thanks again for all the passion on this issue – we hear you and we’ll get someone on the team to dig in to the issue. I’ve seen a few related sub-issues while scanning over the comment section for this one, so we may reach out to a few of you for clarifications. Thanks again for all the votes, and keep them coming for the issues you care about!

    John, Excel

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    Evan La Marr commented  · 

    @Rob - I don't know what kind of power users you're referencing, but global undo is pretty darn stupid for me, and I use Excel for work regularly. I'm not running VBAs or Macros all the time, but I'm definitely one of the best people in the office with it. I see no reason to have undo apply chronologically to all open sheets, when you can just do the work you need to do in one sheet. Yes, you can link sheets, but if you're data is so inextricably linked that you need undos to be chronological across more than one open workbook, you should probably just have your data in the same workbook.

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    Evan La Marr commented  · 


    The ONLY time it would be a good idea is if someone opens two workbooks for interlinked data instead of opening another tab in the workbook. Even this, to me, is ignorance, and were it not ignorance in light of some particularly unique situation, the feature is still not incredibly helpful.


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