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    307 comments  ·  Excel for Mac » Macros and Add-ins  ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

    Thanks for the suggestion and for the support of this feature. If you meant to vote for the Data Form, which is different than VBA UserForms, please change your vote to that suggestion instead. From reading the comments on this one, it seems that some clarification was needed.

    I updated the title and description for this one and we’ll continue to monitor for comments and votes.

    Here’s the link to the Data Form suggestion –

    Steve K [MS Excel]

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    David Swift commented  · 

    Hi Heine,

    Ive been playing with the form controls and think I may have thought of a way round. Its a bit circuitous though. There probably is a way to directly access the form controls in the code but as you say, its certainly very obscure.
    The form controls have a right click "format control" option that reads and writes to cells or ranges of cells within a worksheet. The output is in the form of an integer in for example list boxes, and you could write code to feed or write from the cells that the form control is linked to.
    The button control seems to be a simple way of running a macro you have recorded or developed. Option buttons write an integer to a chosen cell and can be grouped in the group box and work independently from those outside of the box.
    If you had text or numerical values to input or output, this would be done in a cell directly through code.
    Also by using spreadsheet functions like Vlookup, SumIf etc. within the cells referenced by the form controls, a lot of coding could be obviated.

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    David Swift commented  · 

    Heiner, Ive found this with a few possible clues:

    For example it says this:
    ---"Properties - I don't know of a button or keyboard shortcut, but you can drag the Properties window out of the VB Editor so it floats above the worksheet. The properties displayed are what is currently the active object in the VB Editor, not on the worksheet."

    Let me know if you find anything else...

    EDIT - Just tried it and the properties box doesn't seem to work with the sheet form controls in the way described...

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    David Swift commented  · 

    Barbara: yes exactly! Thank you.

    Heiner: I’m going to have a look... perhaps there is some spreadsheet formatting for the control object within the sheet rather than the code. A bit like locking a picture to float over cells or within one etc. Haven’t really used that much either though. Sounds interesting!

    (At last a useful conversation!)

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    David Swift commented  · 

    Will, Barbara, Heiner, Mauricio,
    This discussion is just beginning to become interesting and constructive.
    Will, don’t go! Crigou (check out the obscure Migou as one spelling of Mi-go; a term for the Yeti, the legendary and rarely seen “wild man”) has his angle and it certainly always seems to be off topic. I have been ignoring his interjections for years - but to be fair things may have been different without your kind apprisement.

    A couple of things then;
    1. I’ve been using excel vba for Mac for years now to create a few cross platform workbooks with some quite complex useabilities. The user form was probably one of the first elements I made use of. Although activex was never available for Mac, for my uses including some very functional userforms, I always found a cross platform workaround on the net.

    The last non subscription version of excel that did have the user form was either 2011 or 16. Not sure which! Anyway 365 doesn’t have it as we know and it’s native file versions I believe are quite different being xml based.
    So on Microsoft’s side, the commensurately required Mac based ground up rebuild of an application like excel would take a huge amount of work and time. And Mac programmers aren’t generally really keen on working for Microsoft!
    Having said that, it’s not really fair to hold clients to ransom because of their profession. My design based work for example requires the use of a Mac. But I also believe excel and vba is required to maintain a professional edge in my particular branch of the industry too. An analogy might be that tall adults don’t pay more for their clothes than short adults just because they use more cloth and take a bit more work to make. So why should Mac users?

    Frankly, the Office suite has become so intrinsic to the running of society in general, it should be made mandatory to keep it developed in a cross the board and up to date way. It’s possibly as important as road repairs. Maybe it should be nationalised! (Not really serious, but hopefully it shows it’s no laughing matter. Livelihoods and industries have built themselves on these technologies.)
    In conclusion, I have a gut feeling based on the recent deceleration in product improvement that we may have a long wait.

    So in case it got missed before, my most emphatic vote Is for the userform to enabled natively on the Mac.


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    David Swift commented  · 

    Im no zealot for either faction. As a creative person I find the Apple interface doesn’t distract my flow and for sure I’d like to see this functionality too.

    HOWEVER Mac users! Don’t lose hope; I believe, with good reason that we are not being ignored and shut out of that great thing that makes Excel so useful - VBA.
    One example of development having taken place in this area is that my old user forms all work perfectly in v16.33 of 365 for Mac OS.
    Therefore all I lack is the ability to create a new user form.

    Now, a couple of years ago vba for Mac in 365 had even less functionality; again there was the usual kerfuffle over what should be done. Today though, we have a far more functional 365 vba than in 2016. My userforms and scripts don’t stutter or crash any more! This is one thing that indicates MS are hard at work developing for Mac OS. Even the negative comments to date haven’t stopped them at this work.

    Next they are actually asking us what we would like to see in VBA. Clearly this is a question with a purpose; to continue developing! It’s therefore a natural progression that userform functionality will become available for Mac users in due course. Additionally MS won’t comment on it or make impossible promises because it’s a waste of energy and increases distrust even more than saying nothing.

    So I say just look at the history and extrapolate a logical positive expectation into the future.

    I’d say that it’s on its way...

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    David Swift commented  · 

    I been using VBA in Mac excel since it became available and have built up several business systems around it. We will not be turning to PC.

    The ONLY feature relevant to us that other spreadsheet apps do not provide is that of VBA.

    1. Where are the forms? I need to create and edit them!!
    2. Why have some of my codes stopped working? (Actually they are behaving as they did when VBA was reintroduced way back in 200? which makes it seem that a whole load of good work has been scrapped with the bugs!)

    Neither I nor my associated businesses will be able to upgrade to 365 so there will be some cancellations unfortunately.

    Best wishes

    David Swift

    Please sack the penny-pinching guy who keeps saying that no-one uses VBA seriously on Mac.
    You will have to sack him in a couple of years when you realise he was wrong - so why not now and save us minorities a load of persecution :-)

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