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The newest version release July 10, 2017 has major user issues.
First I was experiencing saving errors at random times. The ipads have internet on them and I figure it was because it lost communication to server it gave a error message of conflicted copy of workbook and need to save copy to continue. That still is a issue.

Second: Cant hide tabs in workbook after July 10, 2017 update. When I attempt to hide tabs within a workbook the app freezes for about a minute then closes down. Once I reopen the app then it opens but any data that wasnt saved is deleted. Now currently yesterday it froze and wouldnt even open back up. Left it alone till today deleted the app redownloaded it and now I have the version from July 9, 2017 version and everything works but it wants to update to the current verision that has issues but i disabled the automatic updates and downloads.
Third: App sometimes doesnt allow the workbook to be emailed as a PDF and doesnt even let it get printed it sayd conflicted and currupt.

The app is great and works awesome and will continue using now that I have the July 9, version but looking foward to a newer working version.

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  • Tim commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Error message is reading
    Can't print file
    This workbook can't be converted into a printable format

    When this issue happens I assume the workbook has became corrupt in some way. Can you please shine some light on this. I have a screen shot of the message but don't know how to post it here for you to see. I can send it to anyone that needs it and or even the bad workbook.

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