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Validation drop down with freeze panes issue

There is a little glitch when using a table column with validation from a drop down list combined with a freeze pane (see attached for an example). This is in Office 2016 for Mac OS.

The drop down arrow is not visible if the table is scrolled off to the right. Here is what I see....

1. Create a table with multiple columns
2. Add validation to the first column to choose from a list, in a drop down
3. Freeze panes at the first row of the second column, so that the table headings and the first column are always visible when scrolling

If the table is scrolled to the left, so column A,B,C etc are visible, then the drop down arrow for the first column is accessible.

However, if the table is scrolled to the right (so that the columns displayed are, for example, A, F,G, H etc...) then the drop down for column A is not visible and hence the user is unable to select anything from the drop down.

A workaround is to move the freeze pane across a column or add a thin 'dummy' column to the right of the drop down column

The above rambling may be a little more easy to understand by looking at the attached file! try scrolling to the right so the column B is no longer visible and then try selecting a drop down in column A

It's an annoying little glitch that has caught me out on a couple of occasions now.

Can this be fixed?


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