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Fix time formats and internationalization

Custom time formats are not working anymore

I have extensive data with sports related time data in the mm:ss.000 format. Recently all my excel sheets stopped working


Format cells A1:A3 custom format mm:ss.000
A1: 1:12.123
A2: 1.12.321
A3: =A1+A2

On my mac running Sierra and latest Excel 2016 this shows #VALUE! in A3. The computer preferences region settings were set to Switzerland.

If I change to United States (computer) and close and reopen Excel then the A3 cell is working correctly.

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  • Steve Groom commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Even in US regional settings there is a bug with data entry -

    Cells custom format mm:ss.000
    Cell shows 2:03.985 (left justified)
    Put focus in data entry line - 2:03.985 - is displayed - press enter - cell now right justified contains 2:03.985. BUT data entry line now shows 12:02:04 AM
    Repeat pressing enter and the milliseconds are lost. 02:04.000


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