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How can we improve Excel for Mac?

Allow users to define Programmable Hotkeys for any Simple or Advanced Functions!

You don't need to break Excel's hotkeys to do this! You can keep your shortcut key TOTALLY INTACT!

Here's how you do it: Give us programmable hotkeys, for example Option 1 - 9 Can be user-programmable hotkeys.

For any given user, there are 10 involved tasked that they most commonly perform, for which there are no hotkeys.

For example, for a user they might be:

1) Drawing a box around a cell

2) Converting a Number to a Percent

3) Creating a line graph specifically out of two columns (which normally requires 2-3 clicks - the hotkey will enable the user to reduce the number of clicks to 1-2 to reach any advanced function, which is what the Excel team should be thinking about doing right across the program in general, anyway!).

4) Dragging down a formula the same number of rows as the column to the left. For example, if I have a document with 5000 rows and the column to the left has the numbers 1 - 5000 entered, then two columns later I introduce a sum to date function, I should be able to program excel to let me hit my key, ie) Option-3 and have it drag down much function to the 5000th row automagically.

5) Inserting a column to the left of the one I'm on

6) Freezing panes below the row I'm on

7) Locking & Unlocking the document

8) Highlighting a cell yellow

9) Conditional Formatting cells in a predefined pattern (ie) above 0, green, below 0, red)


So basically give me a suite of programmable hotkeys and let me assign any advanced function in excel to them for 1-click access to it. Give me access to the full range of Advanced and Simple Functions in the programmable hotkey settings.


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    You can do this recording macros or with VBA programming. When you record a macro it will allow you to assign a hotkey to it.

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