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  1. Remove the lock symbols from the tabs of protected sheets

    Microsoft appears to have added this as a new 'feature' in Version 2006 (Build 13001.20266 Click-to-Run) and it's a disaster. For a workbook with a large number of protected sheets the visibility of sheet tabs is reduced by ~ 30%, thereby greatly reducing user-friendliness and the ability to navigate around the workbook using sheet tabs.

    I've attached a screen grab of a basic model containing protected sheets which has lost visibility of at least 3 sheet tabs as a result of the unnecessary and unwanted lock symbols on almost every sheet.

    This 'feature' needs to be removed or made optional…

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    Hi All, We apologize for being slow to engage on this thread. We are listening to your feedback and we really do care. After reading the comments here as well as the feedback sent from within Excel, we have decided to remove the lock icon from Excel on Windows for the time-being. Since it’s not new to the other platforms (web, Mac and mobile) and we haven’t had similar feedback about it there, we won’t change those for now. We’ll consider how best to get consistency across the desktop, web, and mobile apps, and we’ll share updates if we have any additional next steps.

    We appreciate all the suggestions for alternative ways of indicating that a sheet is protected, and will take them into account.

    Thanks for all your feedback.

    Steve [Microsoft Excel]

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