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  1. Workbook level calculation

    We need the ability to calculate a single workbook when multiple workbooks are open.
    When working with multiple large slow workbooks which are often not even linked together (think multiple versions of the same workbook or a large mostly static workbook being referenced by a smaller rapidly changing workbook) you want to make changes and recalculate without globally recalculating all open workbooks.
    This should be implemented as
    a) New calculation setting (persistent) - Calculate Active Workbook Only - works for Automatic and Manual F9, but Ctrl/Alt/F9 would full calculate all open workbooks regardless of the setting.
    Automatic Calc in Active…

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    12 comments  ·  Performance  ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

    Thanks for the post Charles, and for the in person conversation at the latest MVP conference. We definitely understand the ask and will keep our eye on it – it looks like it’s moving up the vote charts pretty quickly. As always, keep upvoting the things you are about most.

    John [MS XL]

  2. What-if Data Table calc should use multi-threading

    Calculation Performance of iterative what-if Data Tables is unnecessarily slow. The reasons seem to be (in priority sequence):
    - each iteration is using single-threaded recalculation rather than multi-threaded
    - the overhead for the whole table calculation looks larger than it should be
    - the process starts with a recalc, then does each iteration, then ends with a recalc: the first recalc is unnecessary
    - if the values to be used in one of the iterations are the same as the start values the recalc for that set of values could be skipped

    90 votes
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    4 comments  ·  Performance  ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

    Many thanks to Charles for taking the time to analyze this in such detail and start the discussion about improving the efficiency of data tables. Please vote for this issue if it’s important to you so we can prioritize it appropriately.

    Steve (MS Excel)

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