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  1. Power Query - cache shared nodes

    Update Power Query in Excel to take advantage of caching in cases where a parent node refers to a child node that has already been refreshed (as exists in Power BI desktop today).

    This issue creates significant performance problems with refresh times when creating highly interdependent financial and operational models. This is a show stopper from a usability and customer acceptance standpoint.

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    Hi all,

    We are happy to announce that the feature is finally available on Production starting from July fork (build 16.0.10726.*) for Office 365 subscribers.

    Thank you all for your votes and the feedback.

    - Excel Team

  2. Be able to use CSV as live datasource / database

    There are several users editing a CSV file (it's easier, no license required, etc). I want to have a spreadsheet which will automatically load the CSV when I start Excell, populate the spreadsheet and update all the formulas. I will not change the CSV format, and it would be better to not re-import the CSV everytime. For example: all employees enter the time start and time end in the CSV. At the end ot the week, I start my spreadsheet and without any additional click, I see how much do I have to pay.

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    Here are the steps to get an automatic refresh from the csv file:
    •From a blank workbook select “From Text” in the “Get External Data” section of the Data tab
    •Use the Text Import Wizard to set how your csv file will be imported.
    •After you select Finish to exit the Import Wizard, a dialog box titled Import Text will come up.
    •Select the Properties button on this dialog box.
    •An External Data Range Properties box will come up.
    •In the Refresh Control section of the box, you should uncheck the “Prompt for file name on refresh” selection, set the frequency of refresh in minutes, and make sure there will be a refresh when you open the workbook.

    You can return to the Properties box anytime by either right-clicking on the imported data in the worksheet or selecting “Connections” from the Data tab.

    Dan [MS]

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