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  1. Allow >31 characters in a sheet name

    31 characters is really quite short. There have been a few times that I've either used abbreviations or left out important identifying words of the sheet entirely.

    Expanding the character limit would complement this suggestion nicely:

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  2. Spreadsheet documentation

    A key feature of good spreadsheet design practice is the proper documentation of the spreadsheet but almost no help is given in Excel for this. Let's have some tools to help.
    Three initial suggestions:
    1/ a free-form notes page (a bit like the bottom part of a Powerpoint slide) where documentation notes can be added as the spreadsheet is created, possibly with automatic reminders when named ranges, new styles, user defined functions etc are created
    2/ A record being made when a new workbook is linked in to take data from this workbook
    3/ automated listing of ranges, names etc…

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    Thanks for the suggestion Malcom. We’ll keep an eye on this – we’ll be more deeply investigating things with more votes, so people should up vote this if they like it. I’d also encourage people to chime in on the comments for this one with any specific asks for particular cases/operations they care about more than others.

    John [MS XL]

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