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Financial graphs

Hello, I am an user of Bloomberg, Tradingview and of course Excel.
Most of my work involves data analysis and data presentation.
While there are other software, I mostly use Excel and some things I noticed in financial software that I think would bring value to Excel graphs are:
- In Format Trendline could you add an Average line option. This will draw an horizontal like that will represent the Average line of the data set. Some options for this could be to use simple average or other type (geometrical, exponential,weighted). Another option could be to specify to calculate Average line for a certain data points (fe: from point 1 to point 10 in a 50 points set). This would allow to show several moving averages. This is valuable for representing macroeconomic data, stock prices or any other long-term data.
- Percentage change between 2 data points directly on the chart. This is obviously nice to have especially for financial data (revenues, cost, earnings)
- For Linear Trendline could you add a +/- "X" Standard deviation lines that will be represented graphically below and above linear trendline?
- Index graph or Normalization in Bloomberg is when you set the beginning value for all data sets to 100 (or 1 or 1000) and then the other subsequent data points are represented/indexed to this value by way of percentage change (so if i have 3.6 beginning value and then 6.5 the chart will show after Indexing the values 100 and 280.6 (100 + 6.5/3.6 * 100)
- Seasonality charts (also from Bloomberg) would be a massive value to Excel. We all deal in time series in the financial world. So while we can organize data manually or via formulas by month (vlookup) a more elegant and fast way is to plot directly a seasonal chart of a long monthly, weekly, quarterly data set of many many years.

Thanks and good luck!

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