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Improve Queries and Connections Task Pane

Having used the newfangled Queries and Connections pane for some time now I find it is time to add some suggestions

My issues:

1. The pane does not remember its size
It opens really narrow on my system, displaying only a (very) small part of the connection and query names so my first action every friggin time is to drag it wider.

2. No multi select
in the old connections window you can control or shift-click multiple connections to delete them. For maintenance this is a very useful feature I miss regularly.

3. It isn't application-centric
If I open a new workbook with connections, the taskpane disappears

4. No (or bad) short-cut key support
There seems to be no way to get the focus on the taskpane using the keyboard. F6 supposedly switches between the worksheet, ribbon, task pane, and Zoom controls but there is no way to tell if the taskpane has the focus as far as I could figure out.

5. No "All" category
I'd like an "All" category to pick from rather than either connections, OR Queries (and make that choice stick please)

6. Refresh button unavailable
If the taskpane is too narrow (or phrased differently: if it isn't rediculously wide) the small refresh button is unavailable.

7. Refresh is not on the fly-out
Why isn't there a refresh button on the fly-out pane when you hover over a connection/query?

8. No Fly-out for connections
Pity Old-school connections don't have the fly-out. No doubt something useful could be done with that.

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  • Karen Price commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    One more item please ... add the date/timestamp of the last refresh for the data connection. The previous Data Connections window had this right there so you could see it quickly and then hit the Refresh button, all in the same window. The new panel must have a timestamp and a refresh button to improve it's usefulness.

  • Ken Puls commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    An additional item I would like is to disable the flyouts for data previews. If you ave a big query that is pretty intensive, accidentally pausing on it to trigger the fly out can cause Excel to focus on the refresh and consume resources.

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