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How can we improve Excel for Windows (Desktop Application)?

1 File name in bold and highlighted on top of file.

Note I am a long term user of MS Office, low vision for the last 5 years, but still working in a demanding analytical job. Many improvements for low vision, help everyone.

1. Upgrade the treatment of the file name. It is the passport in hostile waters - the only thing that provides stability. Consider the situation where text or numerical results are being compared from similar files all open at once. Specifics:
a. File name at top of open file: Put in bold with highlight.
b. In tray at bottom of screen, file name should be in bold black against a sufficiently light background. Maybe my color scheme can be changed. It is a thin white font on I believe a dark blue background. Vital info should never be in white font, even for the well sighted. It should not even be an option. It serves no good purpose.
c. This may pertain to those using magnifying options. And BTW, accessability means testing every aspect uder magnified conditions. Anyway, magnification can move the up top file name off screen (the file name I mentioned in item a. Assign a key, such as double tap "ctrl" to say or display on center screen the current file name (where the cursor resides. Recall the situation of similar files being open.
2. It would be great if the slider buttons had a more contrasty color.

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  • Keith commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    It isn't Microsoft's job to decide when someone is too old to work.

    So please stop making UI elements so pale, non-contrasting, and small that you we have to stare at the screen to figure out what we are looking at.

    If our eyesight is good enough to read a magazine or newspaper it should be good enough to use your products.

    You're making tools for rapid use without errors, not subtle designs for an art competition.

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