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[Power Query] Replace, Move and Rename column in the same action

In Power Query it is already possible to select 2 columns and merge their contain in a single column.
In the same way, when you perform transformation on a specific column (replace error, replace null, clean few things, ...) it is common to have your transformation column more or less equals to the source column.
So instead of doing 3 steps: erase the source column, move the transformation column to the previous position of the source column and rename the transformation column with the name of the source column), I would like to select the source column first and after the transformation column and then apply a specific button to do the previous 3 steps in one step.
This will save a lot of time

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Frederic LE GUEN - MVP shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

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  • Frederic LE GUEN - MVP commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    For instance, imagine you have a column with the country name and sometimes, in function of the language, the country name is not the same.
    So, you have a table with 2 columns, one with all the country name you can have and a seconde one with the conversion.
    You can have
    Germany Germany (for English speakers)
    Deutschland Germany (for German speakers)
    Allemagne Germany (for French speakers)
    Alemania Germany (for Spanish speakers)

    So, if you merge 2 query to return the result of the conversion, you will have 2 columns and the 3 steps to remove, reorder and rename the column.
    That's the perfect exemple to explain you why this new feature is needed

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