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Be able to select rows and columns and simply click DO NO SORT

It is a massive ball ache sorting when it should not be this aggravating. Maybe I'm being stupid and there is a simple solution already, but I can't find it online and I can't figure it out myself.
My annoyance is that I generally need to sort when I have multiple rows with text for headers, and some boxes need merging.

I'll explain because some people say "do not merge", but this isn't always helpful.
Current excel spreadsheet I'm working on.
I included a picture of my spreadsheet so you can see. I want those top 3 rows to never be included in sorting. I think I should be able to just highlight them and right click, or go to the sorting tab, and click, do not sort selected cells.

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You can achieve what you’re asking for by inserting a blank row between rows 3 and 4 (where you don’t want any sorting to happen above the blank row).

You can then make the row height very small (1px or so) so it doesn’t take up room on your sheet.

Then, when you sort the content in your table, it won’t sort the headers.

Hope that helps,
Dan [MS]


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