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Set 8.43 as the default cell width for ALL versions

Hi guys,
almost a month ago I was working on a file on Excel 2010 (whose cells were 15 x 8,43), when all of a sudden Windows asked me to install the so-called "Windows 10 anniversary" update and, when I went on to open the file, I found out the cell width had gone from 8.43 to 8.38. As a result, only columns A through R would show on one page (before it was columns A through half of U), because each of them had gotten larger: I guess it was because 8.43 = 64 pixels and 8.38 = 72 pixels (so the number of pixels had increased)!
I thought it was an issue with an "old version" of Excel, so I uninstalled Office 2010 and had Office 2013 installed instead... and just the opposite happened: originally the cells were 15 x 8,38 (by default), but a second "Windows 10 anniversary" update last Friday brough the width back to 8.43. This is a problem, because I'm adding a bunch of pictures to my file in order to make them fit the cells containing them, and this constant width changes jeopardize that.
I've found out that "When using ClearType with the Windows Anniversary update, Excel column widths can be larger than in earlier versions of Windows. This happens in only some fonts, such as Calibri. It can affect all versions of Office 2016", so I have disabled ClearType and installed the fix (Windows update KB3197954). Now I'm stuck with blurry text all over my screen (no ClearType) and a grid whose cell width is 8,43 (which I assume was the "right" width, because it was the original one, because the "increased cell width" issue occurs when going from 8.43 to 8.38 and not the other way around, and also because the fix left it that like that instead of brining it back to 8.38).
Now my question is: am I right? Is 8.43 the "right" width or is it gonna change again? And, now that the bug is supposedly fixed, can I enable ClearType again or should I leave it ticked off for the rest of my life, otherwise this painful experience will happen all over again?

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8.43 is the correct width (though, to be transparent, the cell width is based on the font used for the “Normal” style, so if you use a different font than Calibri there, then the width will be different).

As you discovered, the change to Calibri as part of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update caused some issues with Excel formatting. You’ve got the workaround, and we’re in the process of getting a fix out there so you can use ClearType again.

Dan [MS]

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    I've already downloaded the fix (Windows KB3197954) and, since the width had gone back to 8.43, I just assumed everything was alright, so I've enabled ClearType again. Was I wrong to do so? Is it too soon? Should I wait for another fix before doing that?

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