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Fix the 'Apply Names' bug that corrupts formulas or crashes Excel

As already reported in

The Apply Names command loses parts of formulas and in certain cases Excel will crash.

This bug is in Excel 2010 and 2013 and 2016, not in Excel 2007 or 2003.
To reproduce this, follow these steps.

Enter 2 in B1 and 3 in B2
Enter =B1 in A4
Enter =B2 in A5

Give $B$1 the name "value_1"
Give $B$2 the name "value_2"

Enter the formulas below starting in B4, and then click Names > Apply Names and select both names.


In B4 The expected result is =value_2/value_1, what you get is just =value_2

Furthermore, if you UNcheck "Ignore relative/absolute" you get for

=B2/B1 unchanged, fine

=$B$2/$B$1 becomes =value_2/value_1, fine

=B2/$B$1 gives an error "Formula is too long. Formulas may not
exceed 8192 characters"
(see also

gives "Microsoft Excel has stopped working"

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I just read through the post that you linked to, and it appears that this is fixed in Excel 2016 build 16.0.6568.2025.

Also, we’d like to try to keep this uservoice site for new feature ideas, rather than for bug fixes (which is targeted at.)

Dan [MS]

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