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Apply common time series transformations to a charted series'

Excel allows us to apply some simple transformations to a series, like change the display units or apply a logarithmic scale. These should be offered whenever a series' x values are all dates.

Many time series transformations are super common in economic analysis, and they'd be huge time savers. I give you a few:

+ Natural logarithm scale (with better control over the axis than what Excel currently offers for the base 2 and 10 scales)
+ Lag a series n periods
+ Change
+ Change from year/quarter/month/week/day ago
+ Percent Change
+ Percent Change from year/quarter/month/week/day ago
+ Index (rebase the series so that a chosen period's value equals 100)
+ Annualized rate of change.
+ Frequency conversion (eg. from monthly to quarterly or yearly)
+ Moving average (I know you can add a trendline with a moving average, but for many reasons its not as useful. For starters you can't have markers and more generally formatting is more restricted. Also it extends the moving average beyond the number of observations in the series, so if the chart's date range goes beyond the end of the series, more observations are added. For instance, the chart ends in december 2016 and the series in october 2015. The 12 observations moving average trendline will show a point for october 2016 which will be the average of just the last observation, october 2015. This is wrong.)

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This is great feedback. Please continue to vote on feature ideas which will increase their likelihood of getting in the product.

Scott [MSFT]


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