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How can we improve Excel for Windows (Desktop Application)?

Quick add vertical or horizontal bars with a given value to a chart (aka reference lines)

Common things that are very hard to do in Excel, should be easy to do and most people implement by drawing with a shape instead of using Peltier's workarounds:

+ Add a vertical/horizontal line at a given value. Could be linked to a range. Could have a legend.
+ Add a vertical/horizontal line at the selected datapoints' value.
+ Add a vertical/horizontal line at the last series' point value.

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Accepting Votes  ·  Scott Ruble (PM MSFT) responded  · 

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll consider this for a future release. Please continue to vote on this feature request which will increase its likelihood of getting in the product.

Scott [MSFT]


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  • AsbestosJen commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I've been looking for ways to improve the usability of Excel for quality and/or process control charts for some time. Jon Peltier's Tech Blog showed me the way to do it using error bars, but it is a lengthy process, and quite susceptible to user error. I would love to be able to auto-plot statistics such as mean, mean+/- # standard deviations, etc. by a simple reference to a cell, with a label that plots on the edge of the chart.

  • Lee commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    It would be useful to be able to add upper and lower limit lines to a chart.

    They would work in much the same way as gridlines do now - but instead of being plotted at a regular interval - they would instead be a single gridline at a specified value (running either horizontally or vertically).

    For example - if you had data that you wanted to show had exceeded and upper limit of 8 or a lower limit of 2 - you could set the upper and lower limit lines to these values - and any data points exceeding these would be obvious.

    They would need to be allow formatting (e.g. line colour, thickness etc).

    It would be useful to have the option to add at least 4 of these - so that upper and lower alert limits and action limits can be set.

    Such things are used all the time in scientific, engineering and manufacturing applications when looking at process data and for creating dashboards.

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