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  1. Build more tools to perform stochastic / probabilistic analysis and Monte Carlo simulation

    1. More inverse cumulative distribution functions (Poisson, Exponential, Negative Binomial, Weibull, etc.);
    2. Ability to confine the distribution between certain values;
    3. Ability to generate / simulate time series;
    4. Ability to sample/simulate all inverse cumulative distribution functions without continuously recalculating the workbook (ex. run the simulation behind the scenes much like the current IRR function operates though iteration);
    5. Ability to correlate distributions;
    6. Ability to run sensitivity analysis on the results; It is currently possible to build all of the above functionalities through VBA but having dedicated tools will bring considerable efficiency improvements.
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    Thanks for logging this, Lyubomir. How do you do these today? Is deeper integration with R potentially useful for such scenarios, at least for the analysis?

  2. STOCKHISTORY Calculation Bug

    Even with the calculation mode set to Manual, having just two STOCKHISTORY formulas in an Excel workspace can freeze my computer for a minute or more. This is true even for history that is decades old, and therefore needs no recalculation at all.

    To be clear, when STOCKHISTORY takes over, my mouse won't move for five or ten seconds. Clicking on another tab in the task bar might take 30 seconds to make a change...and then those OTHER programs are frozen, as well.

    The only way to stop the problem is to close any worksheet with a STOCKHISTORY formula.


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    Sorry for this experience. When exactly does it freeze, is it right after loading the workbook? I can’t reproduce the issue. So, it would be great if you can “Send a Frown” from the workbook when you experience the freeze as that would provide us the logs to investigate this further. To send a frown, follow the instructions here – and select “I don’t like something”. Enter “Attn : abkodank” in the textbox and hit Submit.


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