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  1. Better Field List support for Analysis Services Tabular

    It's about time to improve support for SSAS Tabular:
    1. Auto-generate DAX
    2. Avoid splitting a table into a "measure group" and "dimension". See how PBI Desktop handles metadata.
    3. Carry over data types so that users can create reports, such as show me invoices where Due Date is greater than ... Currently, all dimension table fields map to Text.
    4. Many customers have expressed interest to connect Excel tables directly to Tabular, bypassing Pivot Table, so they can use the column dropdowns and other Excel goodness.
    5. Support descriptions as tooltips when the user hovers on a field in…

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    I’ve modified the title of this request to better reflect the work that we are now planning to do. The original request included multiple features, some of which we now plan to implement while others will not happen anytime soon.

    The work we plan to do is to quit showing tabular objects as if they were multi-dimensional in the PivotTable field list. We’ll stop splitting tables into measure groups and dimensions. We were already handling this correctly for the Excel data model, and we’ll extend that work to also handle external AS databases.

    In addition, when a field is dragged to the Rows area of a PivotTable, we will also stop converting everything to strings. We’ll retain the field’s data type so that we can apply proper sorting and filtering to dates and other non-text fields.

    We will not be switching to sending DAX queries from Excel, because this would…

  2. Pivot Table Overlapping Error

    Please develop the dialogue / call out from simply stating 'A pivot table cannot overlap another pivot table' so that you are actually provided with a sheet and / or cell reference where an overlap is trying to occur.

    If you have a large workbook / multiple sheets with many pivot tables it can be difficult to find the source of an overlap.

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