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Allow Full Collaboration Only (Prevent File Locking)

This idea is all over this forum for a very long time in different wordings. Clearly this is a huge issue.

MS, PLEASE add an option for files stored on Share Point and One Drive to "Only allow editing in full collaboration mode". This would mean a file would only be editable in the desktop version of Excel if the user is running 2016 and properly signed in to their Office365 account within Excel, thereby preventing file locking for other users.

If not the solution above, at LEAST allow us to set a file to "Edit in Excel Online Only".

This solution would prevent all file lockouts from people editing in a non-collaborative manner.

Lets be clear, I'm quite sure you have had meetings regarding this feature, and an arguement has been "but they have a subscription to Office365, so they can download Excel 2016 for free so there is no reason for us to spend time developing this feature/restriction". Yet, we are still seeing tons of complaints about this problem over a year later because people are too lazy/busy/whatever to download 2016.

Our company just switched from Google to Office365, so I hope you can imagine our level of frustration with this issue. Don't underestimate how much your users would all appreciate this collaboration improvement.

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  • Shirley commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Could PowerShell be used to force break the file lock? I mean where are we on resolving this funkiness...

  • Al commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I don't understand why I've been seeing this suggestion for over a year, and MS still hasn't addressed it at all.

    My company also switched from Google and it's honestly been nothing but a pain. I miss Google.

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